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26 May 2021
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Guardians of Cloudia is a mobile anime-style MMORPG, describing itself as an "easy adventure" because of robust auto-play features. It's also known for being an "MMORPG x Pokemon" mix, which is valid to some extent.

The game uses high-quality anime 2d art for promos and some in-game stuff. The actual 3d graphics isn't obviously this detailed and polished, but it's definitely heading in that direction. Third-dimensional elements are heavily-stylized, hand-painted, with neat outlines resembling those from drawings. Although on closer looks, some things may look a little blocky, it overall feels cute and clear. Pets - at the same time - may not be the cutest creatures you've ever seen - but instead, you could mount giant, fluffy chicks.

Character looks are bound to classes, so you can look pretty cool from the very beginning. Instead of visible gear changes, there's a costume system with some crazy hats and accessories. It's worth noting that UI is really nice & polished, looking like a beautiful book; also, during story dialogues, you'll be able to hear voice-acting.

The gameplay of GoC is (mostly) a full-auto one, a choice that is detested by many hardcore/old-school gamers. You can not only auto-farm or auto-clear dungeon but also auto-follow quests or even auto-follow party wherever it goes. Still, that doesn't mean there's no active fight. As monsters get more powerful, taking on biggest bosses might require going manual to optimize damage and dodge enemy skills. Also, playing inactively doesn't mean there's nothing to do - you can manage tons of events & features at the time.

The main feature is the game's pet system. You can bring up to 3 pets to fight for an extra skill, switching them at will - and another 6 could provide passive buffs. That system itself is pretty advanced, with its own gacha, levels, evolution, and even gears. What's more, those companions are a central part of the idle income system - and they can be sent on missions for rewards after some time.

There are - of course - many standard MMORPG features. In the beginning, you can select from 5 classes - and after some time, a specialization path. As usual, you'll also be able to level up and gear up. The unusual thing is that - instead of monster drops - you'll be taking most of the resources - including gear - from specific dungeon runs. There are tons of PvE & PvP modes permanently available and even more waiting in the event calendar to be opened at particular hours. 

The GoC also offers advanced social features - from friend lists, auto-partying, cool emojis for chat, guilds with various features, and even a marriage system.

This game won't require you to watch ads, and there's lots of content to enjoy for free. Still, you might need to invest real money to be competitive at higher levels.

Last update:  13 Aug 2022 01:08

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