About us

Hi there!

Overtap is an attempt to finally make sense of the mobile gaming market. With tens of thousands of apps released every week, millions that are currently listed, ranging from AAA products to minor indie projects, it's so easy to get lost in generic marketplaces we know. The landscape is changing rapidly, with new genres appearing, being copied hundred times, with predatory monetization techniques and misleading ads. At the same time, mobile gaming continues to grow rapidly, both in terms of users and revenue, offering an equal, fair experience to millions worldwide - and attracting more and more game developers. Comparing the new title to plethora others or finding hidden gems is becoming increasingly complex - and that's why Overtap was created.

We're just at the beginning of the journey - both in terms of features and the games directory. If you want to help in any way, leave some feedback, or just chat - head straight to our Discord! Otherwise - feel free to look around & brace for more!

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