• Why I cannot find game X here?

As we're trying hard to list as many games as possible, it's a lengthy process (and we're a small team). We're adding new games regularly, and we'll introduce more, efficient ways to broaden the directory.

  • I want my game (or game I like) to be listed, what can I do?

At this moment, the best option is to let us know - and after confirming that it meets basic quality standards - we'll try to include it as fast as possible. You can do that through our discord - or some other methods.

  • I can't download game X

We try to include games available in most regions - but it can happen that - for some reason - it's disabled in your area - either by developer or marketplace. Also, sometimes games just get taken down, after being abandoned/discontinued - we try to track this, but you can also help by letting us know!

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